Ep. 18: Trina Guytingco

Former Ateneo Lady Eagle Trina Guytingco joins Gametime and talks about her interests and hobbies (4:20), Mamba Week (16:58), plays Quick Hits (19:22), discusses high school hoops (37:10), the Ateneo Lady Eagles (43:07), women’s basketball coverage (59:10), the NBA (1:09:40), plays Five Questions (1:13:13), and shares her vision and inspiration (1:16:50).

Ep. 15: Tricia Robredo

Tricia Robredo joins Gametime and talks about med school (1:12), plays Quick Hits (8:30), talks about her beginnings as courtside reporter (12:06), her prep work as CSR (26:00), the Robredo family fandom dynamic (30:26), plays 5Qs (33:30), her vision for the next few years (41:04), sports and rona (44:23), and her inspiration (50:42).

Ep. 13: Enzo Flojo

Enzo Flojo of the Ateneo Blue Eaglets talks about his quick takes on Ateneo personalities (8:18), media career (12:25), FIBA experience (22:20), coaching and analytics (34:33), coaching  influences (44:42), recruitment (56:12), Denzel Washington (1:05:10), and personal inspiration (1:09:48).

Ep. 11: Denice Dinsay

Denice Dinsay discusses her interests in hiking (2:33), MJ’s influence (6:42), her courtside reporting experience (12:45), Coaches Tab and Tai (18:33), growing into the role (27:05), sports commentating and analysis (37:17), her thoughts on the Philippine socio-economic scene (42:50), and her vision and inspiration (56:00).

Ep. 9: Mickey Ingles

Lawyer and three-time football champion Mickey Ingles joins Gametime and talks about teaching in law school, shares quick hits on football and current events (9:39), formative years (16:36), general thoughts on football (24:00), the three-peat (47:17), sports law (1:02:13), and the importance of upholding the constitution (1:13:54).

Ep. 8: Cassy Tioseco

Two-time UAAP basketball MVP Cassy Tioseco joins Gametime where she plays Quick Hits (8:30), talks about her high school hoops experience (12:20), her recruitment process for college and playing for Ateneo (20:00), national basketball team experience (33:10), moving on (44:32) and answers 5Qs (1:03:22).

Ep. 7: Sandy Arespacochaga, Part 2

Part 2 of Gametime with Sandy Arespacochaga covers the impact of social media (9:00), preparations for UAAP S83 (11:45), Larry Fonacier’s final UAAP season (18:40), coaching Batang Gilas (24:53), UAAP broadcast coverage (32:19), his singing dreams (35:55), and his vision for himself and the sport (37:35).