Ep. 19: Paolo Layug

Coach Paolo Layug of CSB and the Nueva Ecija Vanguards joins Gametime and talks analytics (15:48), post-up and pressing defenses (32:07), MJ and Kobe (41:33), the modern game (50:52), coaching philosophy (56:43), his fave college players (1:04:16), and “The Secret” (1:16:45).

Ep. 15: Tricia Robredo

Tricia Robredo joins Gametime and talks about med school (1:12), plays Quick Hits (8:30), talks about her beginnings as courtside reporter (12:06), her prep work as CSR (26:00), the Robredo family fandom dynamic (30:26), plays 5Qs (33:30), her vision for the next few years (41:04), sports and rona (44:23), and her inspiration (50:42).