Ep. 30: Yumi Furukawa

Yumi Furukawa joins the Gametime Pod and talks about her new set-up in Japan (1:21), her video blog (4:34), getting into volleyball (15:23), adjusting to being in Manila on her own (19:50), playing for and deciding to go to Ateneo (28:15), adjusting to college and learning from mentors (32:42), Coach O’s practice sessions (39:50), the Ateneo Lady Eagles‘ run to the Finals in Season 82, and her vision (1:05:04).

Ep. 29: Faith Nisperos

Ateneo Lady Eagle Faith Nisperos joins Gametime and talks vlogging (3:45), plays Quick Hits (9:50), discusses her parents’ influence (14:30), the UAAP dream (18:29), memorable games (29:58), Ateneo (36:17), Coach O (49:05), Gal Gadot and Kobe (57:15), and her vision (1:01:05).

Ep. 22: Bea Tan

Former Ateneo Lady Eagle Bea Tan brings her limitless energy to the Gametime Pod as she talks about going to Ateneo for college (12:10), Coach Roger and Coach Tai (23:15), the magical Season 76 run (30:38), beach volleyball and entrepreneurship (42:40), fitness (56:34), her perfect day (1:00:43), and empowerment (1:06:17).

Ep. 15: Tricia Robredo

Tricia Robredo joins Gametime and talks about med school (1:12), plays Quick Hits (8:30), talks about her beginnings as courtside reporter (12:06), her prep work as CSR (26:00), the Robredo family fandom dynamic (30:26), plays 5Qs (33:30), her vision for the next few years (41:04), sports and rona (44:23), and her inspiration (50:42).